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Philodendron sp. Peru Wide Leaf

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Species: Philodendron sp. Peru Wide Leaf

Common name(s):

Native to: Peru

Temperature preferences: Warm to cool growing

Water preferences: Medium to high moisture

Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Terrestrial

General Information and Care: Philodendron sp. Peru Wide Leafis an absolutely perfect terrarium plant if there ever were one. This species is easy to establish, medium to slow growing, smaller leaved, and has nice color to it. There really is not much more you can ask for in a plant for a terrarium. We sell this as a cutting, but as with most other Philodendrons, simply stick it into the substrate up to the first leaf and it will root (it will more than likely have adventitious roots showing when you receive it). This species is slower growing, thus you will not have to constantly trim it or worry about it taking over your tank. The leaves of this plant as well as the stems are quite wonderful. The leaves are a nice dark green color, have a nice round shape, and stay small at only about 2 in length and 1 wide. Additionally, the stems have a nice red color even as the plant matures the stem retains the color. Overall an outstanding plant that we highly recommend!

Glass Box Tropicals Plant Care Rating: 4


Shipped Size: 1 tip cuttings, with at least 3 leaves.


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