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Premium Dwarf Southern Magnolia Leaf Litter

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The Dwarf Southern Magnolia leaf litter that Glass Box Tropicals offers is comprised of only the best leaves. They are harvested from areas that are free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. The majority of the leaves that you will receive are dry, brown, and very few are broken or in pieces. The Dwarf Southern Magnolia leaves that you will receive are typically 3”-5" in length. Many thumbnail and pumilio frogs may actually lay on them! Dwarf Southern Magnolia leaves are one of the longer lasting leaves used in terrariums or vivariums due to their thickness from the long growing season in the southern United States. They are very leathery to the touch and make a great addition to a naturalistic decor.

Leaf litter not only helps to provide a natural appearance, but the leaves also offer hiding spots for animals such as dart frogs. Additionally, as leaves decompose, microfauna such as springtails and isopods will use them as food. In the natural habitat of dart frogs and various gecko species, the leaf litter is often several inches thick with varying sizes, shapes and thicknesses of leaves. Glass Box Tropicals recommends having the leaf litter at least a few layers deep, with different types of leaves mixed together. It is also recommended to routinely add leaves as you see them decomposing.

Leaves are offered in 1 gallon quantities.

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