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Tree Fern Fiber Plaque - V30

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Tree Fern Plaque - V30

Approximate dimensions: 5"X 21" Weight: 14.9 oz

The tree fern fiber plaques that Glass Box Tropicals offers are harvested from Central and South America. The plaques are from the trunk of the tree fern (
Cyatheales sp.). The plaques have been hand cut in the jungle and then shipped to the United States. Overall texture can vary from extremely dense to a much more fibrous plaque. Typically if you order several plaques, we try to pack ones that are similar to one another.

Tree fern fiber plaques have a variety of uses. Generally, they are used for the construction of backgrounds and are known for being extremely easy to grow moss on. They may also be used for mounting orchids and other epiphytes.

If being used in tank construction, tree fern fiber plaques are extremely easy to adhere to glass using 100% silicone. Also, they are very easy to cut using just about any type of power saw (circular saw, table saw, mitre saw, jig saw, rotozip, etc.).

The photograph is of the exact piece you will receive.