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Hygrolon Sheet - Small (50cm x 50cm)

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Hygrolon is a product that has intermittently been available in the US over the past decade. However, it will now be regularly available through Glass Box Tropicals. This is the true Hygrolon product that has been imported from Sweden direct from the manufacturer. This product is tried and true and loved by thousands of European hobbyists!

Hygrolon was created to attempt to mimic the bark of trees to provide a more environmentally friendly and stable substrate to grow epiphytes. During the creation, it was necessary to make sure that the product was 100% inert and non-decomposable. Through years of research and trials, the product that Glass Box Tropicals offer was created by Dusk in Sweden.

Hygrolon is produced from PET-plastics which are an amazing raw material used in many many common house hold products. One of the key advantages to PET-plastics is the fact that it can be processed into micro fibers. The extremely thin fibers and the special design of the weaving allows this fabric to store, wick, and transport large amounts of water. Thus, making it an ideal product for plant growth.

Additionally, Hygrolon consists of three layers. There are two identical outer layers that are made of the advanced woven fibers into a net pattern. The net pattern is extremely important in allowing air flow through the material as well as an area for roots to take hold. The middle layer is full of upright strands which help aid in additional air flow and moisture control.

Hygrolon is a 100% synthetic product that is environmentally friendly. Hygrolon is well known for the fact that it can wick water vertically 320mm (about 13").

This is for a small sheet, which measures 50cm x 50cm (19.7" x 19.7").

For additional ideas on how to use Hygrolon sheets:

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    Nothing like best

    Posted by Kenneth on Mar 15th 2022

    Dont settle for cheap amazon fabrics that dont work as well as the real deal. I have two pumps on either size of my enclosure pumping water to a waterfall. The pump opposite of the falls has tubing running along the bottom of the top rim behind sprayfoam. I carved the foam back to reveal 3 small portions of said tubing. Used a pin head and punctured 3 holes. Within an hr all the hygrolon was saturated and moist. Moss is doing great on it so far.