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(10) 10-14" Ghostwood Branch

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Ghostwood is one of the most sought after types of wood in the terrarium and vivarium hobby. It is a type of Manzanita that has been sandblasted and is known for its spiraling wood patterns and interesting branching habits. Ghostwood is a very dense wood that holds up extremely well in both extremely humid terrarium settings and more arid environments for other amphibians and reptiles. Many epiphytes grow extremely well on this wood as well including many of the orchids and ferns that Glass Box Tropicals offers!

When placed in a humid terrarium this wood will darken dramatically. Many customers think that this makes it look even more natural to what you may see fallen in the rainforest.

This is for ten pieces of ghostwood that will be 10-14" in length and 10-12" in width. Because this is a natural product, size, color, and shape will vary for each piece. The picture is simply a representation of what you may receive.

If you are looking for an exact type of piece (extremely branchy, more log like, certain dimensions, etc), please feel free to look at the individually pictured pieces or email us for more assistance.