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(2) 2" x 2" x 20" New Zealand Fern Wood Tree Fern Fiber Totem

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The Fern Wood Tree Fern Totems that Glass Box Tropicals offers are sold in a two pack, with each being 2" x 2" x 20". Overall these are a much more uniform product than the South American pieces that we also sell. These are much more absorbent and much softer as well. They do work extremely well for many plants and make for a quick and easy background.

Tree fern fiber totem have a variety of uses. Generally, they are used for the construction of backgrounds and are known for being extremely easy to grow moss on. They may also be used for mounting orchids and other epiphytes.

If being used in tank construction, tree fern fiber plaques are extremely easy to adhere to glass using 100% silicone or Gorilla Glue Construction Adhesive (this is a marine rated adhesive that we have used with great success). Also, they are very easy to cut using just about any type of power saw (circular saw, table saw, mitre saw, jig saw, rotozip, etc.) or serrated kitchen knife (bread or bagel knife)

The photograph is representative of what you will receive. However, the actual piece may vary in coloration, dimensions, and density as this is a natural product. These are a much more uniform product than their South American counterparts though.