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Bulk Small Virgin Cork Bark Tubes - 20lbs

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This is for 20 pounds of small virgin cork bark tubes, seller's choice. Buying in bulk is a great way to save some money if you are looking to do several tanks, or are creative enough to be able to work with whatever you receive!

The virgin cork bark tubes that Glass Box Tropicals offers are all from the Cork Oak (Quercus suber). It is grown and harvested in Portugal where these trees thrive. These cork bark tubes are called virgin cork bark tubes because they are from the first harvest of the trees. Approximately every 7 years, they are able to harvest the bark from these trees again. The following harvests provide a cleaner bark which is typically used in making cork boards, wine corks, clothing, and many other items.

Virgin cork bark tubes are an excellent choice for terrarium use due to its ability to withstand high humidity environments. The virgin cork bark tubes are able to withstand almost constant saturation with very little, if any, decay occurring. Also, due to the appearance, it is favored by many terrarium builders because it provides a more naturalistic appearance to backgrounds and other hardscapes in a terrarium.

Virgin cork bark tubes are most commonly used for creating custom backgrounds, building ledges, creating hiding spots, building elevated planters, or used to hold back substrate around a water feature. Some customers have even assembled them to recreate the look of a fallen branch (check out THIS!). The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Since this is a natural product, the size and thickness of the pieces you will receive may vary. The pieces pictured are samples of what you may receive. The actual pieces you will receive will vary from the picture.

*Small pieces may vary from 2"-8"outside diameter and from 4"-24" in length. Typically, 1lb is equivalent to two 3" outside diameter pieces that are 6-12" in length.