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Confused Flour Beetles

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Confused Flour Beetles (Tribolium confusum) make an excellent alternative food source to feed your frogs or other animals that enjoy small insects. Confused Flour Beetles are one of the easiest insects to culture that Glass Box Tropicals offers. This species can easily survive without any attention for months at a time. However, they are slower to reproduce than many of the other typical feeder insects so they should be used as a treat or to supplement a feeding. Many breeders also favor feeding these to frogs that have been breeding heavily to help restore some of their fat reserves.

The adults are said to emit an unpleasant tasting chemical when they feel threatened making them not as palatable to many animals. However, the larvae are not capable of producing the chemical and are very nutritious and palatable. The larvae are easy to sift out using one of the sifters that Glass Box Tropicals sells HERE.

These are shipped in 8oz. cultures that can be transferred into a larger container. These have been cultured in 6qt. Sterlite containers in a media made specially and offered in our Feeder Insect Supplies area.

Please visit our Resource Center to learn about how to culture these.