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Episcia 'Silver Skies'

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Species: Episcia 'Silver Skies'

Common name(s): Flame Violet

Native to:

Temperature preferences: Warm growing

Water preferences: Medium to high moisture

Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Terrestrial

General Information and Care: Episcia 'Silver Skies' is an excellent choice for a foliage plant in a terrarium. The foliage grows to about 3" in length and 2-3" in width when mature. This species also has bright orange flowers that really stand out in a landscape. As it grows it forms a mound of plants that can either be let go, or trimmed to propagate in additional tanks. Overall an easy plant to grow with amazing showy flowers!

Glass Box Tropicals Plant Care Rating: 2


Shipped Size: Well rooted plant that has been grown in a 2.5" pot. Will be shipped bareroot.

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