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EpiWeb Pot - Small (9cm - 3.5")

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EpiWeb is a fantastic product manufacture by Dusk Tropic in Sweden. This product has been loved by many Europeans for years but has only been available intermittently in the US. Glass Box Tropicals is proud to now offer this and be the only source for it in the US.

EpiWeb is a product designed to replace tree fern fiber pots and other similarly structured non-renewable resources. EpiWeb is made from plastic that will not decompose and has the ability to keep itself moist. This product is completely toxin free and is made from at least 70% recycled materials.

Epiphytes and orchids as well as several other plants do amazingly well in EpiWeb pots. The structure is ideal for plant roots to take hold and due to the fact that it does not degrade over time, it will never need to be replaced. Also, this product is pH neutral, does not float, and has a natural appearance with its dark grey coloration.

The pots that Glass Box Tropicals offers are a very unique product. Simply pot your plants in these allow them to thrive. Epiphytes easily attach to these, and moss growth is extraordinary!

This is for a small EpiWeb pot which will look similar to what is pictured. Each is made individually so there are small differences. These are typically about 9cm or 3.5" wide and 3" tall. The actual potting area is about 2" x 2".