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Kiwi Bark - Orchid Bark - No. 2 - 1/8-1/4" - 50L Bulk Bag

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Kiwi Bark is one of the best barks available, it is produced in New Zealand from managed, renewable forests of Pinus radiata trees. Unlike Orchiata this is not composted so it still has the traditional lighter color and some bark.

This is the highest quality bark and it is produced to strict specifications. It is a hard, clean, uniformly graded, and contains no wood by products.  Kiwi Bark is the best bark on the market today.

Kiwi Bark does vary in size a bit more than Orchiata so you will have a bit more variation in sizing per each size.

This is offered in a 13.2 gallon bag (50 liters) for #2, fine 1/8 to 1/4” used for 2”-3” pots