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Large (Power+) Fir Bark (Orchid Bark) - Orchiata - 35 liters

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Large Fir Bark (also known as Orchid Bark) is an excellent addition to many substrates, and is what Glass Box Tropicals uses in ABG substrate. Many orchid and fern growers also use this in the custom mixes for their plants.

Reasons to use Orchiata:

  • pH balanced to eliminate the natural acidity of bark media
  • Contains beneficial micro-organisms for protection against plant pathogens
  • Does not accumulate salts reducing the need for flushing
  • Aged, not composted, allowing water and nutrients to be held while retaining hard structure
  • Does not break down minimizing the need for re-potting


This is Orchiata brand which is sustainably harvested and processed in New Zealand following strict standards.

Size: 12-18mm - Power+

This is offered in a 35 liter bulk bag.