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Macodes sanderiana

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Species: Macodes sanderiana

Common name(s): Jewel Orchid, Lightning Leaves

Native to: Indonesia

Temperature preferences: Warm to cool growing

Water preferences: Medium to high moisture

Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Terrestrial

General Information and Care: Macodes petola is another one of the many wonderful Jewel Orchids that Glass Box Tropicals offers. This species appreciates typical terrarium conditions in terms of moisture and temperature. It does however prefer slightly lower light levels than what most plants can tolerate making it a great choice for an understory plant. Macodes sanderiana has very dramatic foliage with some of the most vibrant leaf patterns of any jewel orchid and nearly neon colored green and orange veins. This species pops up in cultivation every few months, but often has a slightly different appearance each time so you never know exactly what the mature plant will end up looking like! This is definitely one of those “gotta have them all” jewel orchids! This species will typically flower once a year with white flowers on a 10-14" tall flower stalk. If your tank is not that tall, do not worry, it will simply bend over when it reaches the top of the tank. Typically customers grow this species for the foliage instead of the flower though. As you can see from the photos, the foliage is quite stunning!

*If you have snails or slugs, we do not recommend this species. It seems to be a magnet for them and they can quickly kill the plant once in your terrarium.

Glass Box Tropicals Plant Care Rating: 5

Shipped Size: Small rooted plant that has been grown in a 2.5" pot. Will be shipped potted. These do not form great root systems to care should be taken not to break the roots if they are removed from the pots and their original growing medium.