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P. scaber 'Orange Koi' Isopods

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P. scaber 'Orange Koi' isopods are an excellent choice for vivariums and make a great occasional snack for poison dart frogs and other small animals. P. scaber 'Orange Koi' isopods reproduce slower than the dwarf species we offer. If the terrarium you are adding the P. scaber 'Orange Koi' isopods to has animals that will eat the isopods, it is best to allow the isopods to reproduce before adding the animals to the terrarium. If the P. scaber 'Orange Koi' isopods will be added with darts frogs other than Phyllobates terribilis, you can generally add them to the terrarium at any time. This is due to the fact the most adult dart frogs will not eat adult P. scaber 'Orange Koi' isopods because they are too large. As the image shows, color can vary from almost all white to almost complete orange. There is no guarantee of what color mix each will container, but all come from our culture that is in the image which has great diversity amount adults and their offspring.

The culture that is shipped may be used to seed a tank, or begin a master culture so that you will have a steady supply.

Glass Box Tropicals offers these in an 8oz. culture that contains mainly adults and a few juveniles. The substrate that that they are shipped in (and what they are bred in) is offered for sale under Feeder Insect Supplies. For complete care information please visit our Resource Center.

The cultures are started with approximately 12 isopods and are guaranteed to arrive with at least 9 live isopods.