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Peat Bricks - 10lbs

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Peat bricks are an item that used to be common place in the terrarium hobby. However, for several years it has been extremely difficult to source these. After a lot of research, and many attempts to source these, Glass Box Tropicals is glad to be able to offer them and assure customers of a steady supply.

Peat bricks are cut by hand from the ground, and thus every brick is different. These bricks are extremely dense though and can be used in a variety of ways in a terrarium or vivarium. Most commonly, these are used to help create the hardscape of the tank. They work excellently for creating a small pond in the corner to allow for easy drainage of excess water from misting. Many customers also use these to help create different levels within their terrarium or vivarium. These bricks may also be used during background construction, or for the planting of epiphytes and other plants. Peat bricks work amazingly for growing moss on!!!

These bricks can be cut in the same way that virgin cork bark or tree fern fiber panels are. Pretty much any power tool with a toothed blade will work. You may also use the type of knife made for cutting loaves of bread or bagels.

The picture is representative of what the bricks look like, what you receive will vary in size, shape, and color as this is a natural product that is harvested by hand. The photo is representative of what 10lbs of bricks looks like.

**Do not wedge these up against the glass in your tank, as they do slightly expand when moistened and can crack the glass. If you do want them up against glass, either leave a small area for them to expand, or pre-soak them in water and then place them in the terrarium.