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Peperomia villacaulus

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Species: Peperomia villacaulus

Common name(s):

Native to: Central America

Temperature preferences: Warm to cool growing

Water preferences: Medium to high moisture

Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Terrestrial or Epiphytic

General Information and Care: Peperomia villacaulus is a rare and highly sought after species from Central America. This clone is one that has been in the US for a very long time, and in our collection for almost 5 years. This is one of the most colorful Peperomia sp. that we offer and is a wonderful terrarium plant. It enjoys being moist to wet, as well as medium to high light. This is a fantastic choice for an epiphyte to help fill in a branch area or background. Additionally, this species will drape beautifully from driftwood as it grows over it and hangs down and trails around your tank.

Glass Box Tropicals Plant Care Rating: 4

Shipped Size: 2 tip cuttings each with at least 4 leaves.

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