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Premium Isopod Enrichment Kit

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Glass Box Tropicals is proud to introduce our Premium Isopod Enrichment Kit. This kit is excellent for the beginning isopod hobbyist, or the experienced breeder. Our Premium Isopod Enrichment Kit not only provides food sources for your isopods, but also areas for the adults to hide and breed, areas for the young isopods to hide and be safe from adult predation, and allows you overall improvement in the visual appeal of your isopod containers!

Each kit includes the following:
1 small piece of cork bark covered in lichen and/or moss
2 small pieces of Cholla cactus
1 clump of Mood Moss
8 acorn caps
2 Lotus pods
2 small pieces of Pressed Cork Panel
AND each box is then filled with Southern Magnolia Leaf litter as packing material (about half a gallon of leaves)

*All products in this kit are natural, so color, size, and quantity may vary slightly from what is pictured.

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