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Solanum sp. 'Ecuador'

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Species: Solanum sp. 'Ecuador'

Common name(s):

Native to: Ecuador

Temperature preferences: Warm to cool growing

Water preferences: Medium moisture

Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Epiphytic or Terrestrial

General Information and Care: Solanum sp. 'Ecuador' is an interesting vine that is an easy to grow terrarium species. As a young plant, the leaves are small at less than an inch. The freshly emerged leaves on this species are a bright bronze with neon green veining. As they mature, they become a beautiful deep green with lighter green veining. This is truly a very unique species not like any other that we offer. In addition to the amazing color, the leaves are also covered in a very fine pubescence which can really add some interest to a tank after a recent misting when you can see all of the water droplets sitting on the leaves.

This species definitely appreciates higher humidity. To establish a cutting, simply place on a bed of very moist sphagnum and give it medium to high light and keep it humid. In our experience this species establishes and starts growing very rapidly.

Glass Box Tropicals Plant Care Rating: 6

Shipped Size: Tip cutting with at least 10 leaves.