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Urchin Pod

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The Urchin pods that Glass Box Tropicals offers make a great addition to a naturalistic landscape in a vivarium or terrarium. Thse pods have an extremely unique texture on the outside that can really add some interest to the floor of the terrarium. These can make great hiding spots for frogs or micro geckos in addition to providing a great area for microfauna to hang out. Adding these into the leaf litter also helps stop the leaf litter from creating a solid surface that micofrauna cannot easily move around in.

This is for a single pod (two are pictured in the first picture).

The Urchin pods are a natural product and can vary in size, shape, and color. Please see the photo to see the possible shapes that you may receive. Sizes can vary from 2-5" in lenght and 0.5-2" in width,.

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