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(5) 8-14" Cypress Knees

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Cypress knees are a great option for wood to use in a terrarium. Cypress trees grow in swampy areas in the southern United States and produce these "knees" which are part of their root structure. The true purpose of these is not known but is speculated to be for absorbing oxygen from the air when the water level is high. These knees have all been legally harvested and are ready for terrarium use. It is very common for these to quickly become covered with moss when in a humid terrarium with good lighting. Many customers choose to use these in a variety of positions. They can stand up, lay down, protrude from a background, or any other way that aids in achieving the desired layout. Even in an extremely humid environment, Cypress lasts an incredibly long time and is extremely resistant to any rot.

When placed in a humid terrarium this wood will darken dramatically. Many customers think that this makes it look even more natural to what you may see fallen in the rainforest.

This is for five Cypress knees that will be 8-14" in length and 2-6" in width. Because this is a natural product, size, color, and shape will vary for each piece. The picture is simply a representation of what you may receive.