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6" Tree Fern Fiber Pot

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The tree fern fiber pots that Glass Box Tropicals offers are harvested from Central and South America. The pots are made from the trunk of the tree fern (Cyatheales sp.). The pots that we offer have been hand cut in the jungle and then shipped to the United States. Due to this, the sizes noted are nominal sizes (6” pot may only be 5” in diameter). The density of each pot varies as well from extremely dense to a much more fibrous pot.

Tree fern fiber pots are a favorite of many people as they can be used as a movable planter. One great use for them is to pot bromeliads in, allowing them to then be on the floor of the terrarium instead of mounted epiphytically. These pots are also great for many of the micro-mini Sinningias, epiphytic ferns, orchids, and many other plants that Glass Box Tropicals offers!

The photograph is representative of what you will receive. However, the actual piece may vary in coloration, dimensions, and density.