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Springtails - Culturing and Care

Posted by Glass Box Tropicals on Feb 12th 2021

Springtails - commonly referred to as “Springs” in the terrarium and dart frog hobbies - are a key part of a healthy ecosystem within your tank. Once a sustainable population is established, the Springtails can also provide an alternative food source for terrarium animals, such as dart frogs and sm …

Isopods - Culturing and Care

Posted by Glass Box Tropicals on Feb 12th 2021

General Information: Isopods - also known as rolly pollies, pill bugs, sow bugs, potato bugs or wood louse - are an important addition to a terrarium ecosystem. Although many species of isopods are found all over the world, this article focuses on the care and culture of tropical species.Isopods ar …

Glass Box Tropicals Care Ratings Information

Posted by Glass Box Tropicals on Jan 8th 2021

One of the features our new website provides is a care rating to go with each product. This care rating can help you in choosing plants that you feel are within your abilities. It may also aid you in paying more attention to the needs of certain plants, in order to be more successful with them in …

Dusk Moss Mix - A Quick Primer

Posted by Glass Box Tropicals on Nov 11th 2020

The Dusk Moss Mix that Glass Box Tropicals offers is a product that has been available in the United States but only intermittently. Over the years, it has always been well received and highly sought after. This moss mix is extremely popular throughout Europe and is used with great success. The m …