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Glass Box Tropicals Care Ratings Information

Posted by Glass Box Tropicals on Jan 8th 2021

One of the features our new website provides is a care rating to go with each product. This care rating can help you in choosing plants that you feel are within your abilities. It may also aid you in paying more attention to the needs of certain plants, in order to be more successful with them in your setup.

Our care rating system is based on a 1-10 scale.

Plants with a care rating of 1-3 are considered to be relatively easy to care for. Typical terrarium conditions will satisfy them without any special requirements.

A care rating of 4-6 is reserved for plants that usually do well in a range of conditions, but have specific preferences. These preferences are noted in the descriptions of the individual plants, and can be achieved in most terrariums, although things like special placement or misting nozzle adjustment may be necessary.

Finally, a rating from 7-10 is reserved for plants that have much more specific care requirements. Many orchids are in this range. The terrarium conditions that these plants require are not difficult to achieve, but some planning will be necessary.

If, after looking at the care rating and reading the description, you still have questions about a certain plant, please feel free to Contact Us. We have experience caring for almost every plant we sell.