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Clay Substrate - Calcium Bearing 1lb

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The clay substrate that is offered is enriched with extra calcium. This extra calcium helps with froglet success in many species, especially Pumilio and other egg feeders. It also has shown good results when used with the adult frogs. This substrate is similar to what you would find in the rain forest where many of these frogs are found. Below are the full directions.

Clay Substrate Directions:

The clay substrate must be placed in its final location before being moistened and used with frogs. Once the clay has been moistened, it is very difficult to move without ending up with a big ball of clay. Plant plugs can be placed in the clay right before moistening, and clay may be used on top of ABG. The cubes allow for root growth and drainage.

A 3 pound bag will cover the bottom of a 10 gallon tank and take approximately one quart of water to moisten. Spray, wait a few minutes for the water to soak in, then spray again. Keep repeating until the clay won't absorb any more water.

The substrate is often used in froglet containers, covering 25% of the bottom with clay (the rest either turface or sphagnum) then leaf litter.

1 Review

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    Excellent for springtail cultures or for directly in the terrarium

    Posted by Carl on Sep 20th 2022

    Great packaging