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Calcium Bearing Clay Springtail Media

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Calcium Bearing Clay Springtail Media

Calcium bearing clay in powder form is often used to make the new clay springtail cultures.  This product is sold by the pound and one pound will make approximately 5 8oz deli cup size cultures.  

*Springtails are not inlcuded with this media



To start a new culture, you will want to put the clay powder and water into a container to mix them - you will want to use a ratio of approximately 1:2 (water:clay) ratio by weight.  Depending on how you mix it, a little more water may make the clay easier to work with.  You will want to mix it until it is evenly mixed and then all it to sit for a day to allow the clay to absorb all of the water.  As you do this, you will want to make sure to coat the container as evenly as possible.  Once you have waited a day, you can add springtails and start your culture.  Once you add the springtails you will to also immediately lightly feed them with our Glass Box Tropicals Springtail Food.  You will want to continue to LIGHTLY feed them 2-3x a week for the best production.  If you notice the clay starting to dry you will also want to very lightly mist them.  Springtails need constant humidity so it is important to make sure the clay is always moist for them.

It is important not to let them get too wet or dry, and also important not to over feed.  Any one of these things can cause the culture to crash.

*We recommend wearing a mask and work outside when working with dry clay powder. It contains very fine particulate matter, including silica.