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Tropical Springtail Culture

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Tropical springtails (Collembola sp.) are a small species of insect that make great feeders for many species of poison dart frogs. Springtails also aid in the creation of a complete ecosystem in a terrarium. They are very small, at less than half a centimeter each, but are just the right size for several adult and juvenile frogs and froglet species!

Tropical springtails reproduce slightly slower than their temperate counterparts; however, they do better in warmer environments.

In nature, springtails are decomposers and are commonly found in and around dead and decaying organic matter. In a terrarium, they will help to decompose the leaf litter, excess plant material, and fecal material from your frogs or other small animals. Once a population is established in your tank, they will reproduce on their own and create a steady supply of food. Additionally, they will have the ability to keep up with most of the decomposing needs of the tank.

These should not be used as your only feeder as they cannot be dusted with the supplements that your frogs will need, but make a great treat and are important in the overall health of terrarium.

We offer these in 16oz cultures that consist of adults and juveniles in a charcoal substrate and are currently reproducing. For a detailed care sheet, please visit our Resource Center.