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Springtail Culturing Kit - Temperate or Tropical White

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Glass Box Tropicals' Springtail Culture kit includes everything you need to make your own culture. The culture will allow you to continually offer springtails as a supplemental food source to your frogs and froglets. The kit comes with a large 6.25 quart container, one gallon of 1/2" horticultural grade charcoal, and Glass Box Tropicals' Springtail Food to get you started.

This kit is intended for use with tropical white and temperate white springtails. Please do not use this kit with pink or silver springtails as you will not have the best success possible. For best results, Glass Box Tropicals recommends you check out our culturing kits for pink or silver springtails HERE.

Check this page out for all of the information you will need to get started:

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