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Confused Flour Beetle Complete Care Kit

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Glass Box Tropicals' Confused Flour Beetle Complete Care Kit is designed specifically to meet all of the requirements for the proper culturing of the Confused Flour Beetles that Glass Box Tropicals offers.

This kit includes:
  • 2qt container
  • Confused Flour Beetle Media
  • Confused Flour Beetle Media Sifter
  • (1) culture of Confused Flour Beetles

Simply add the media to the container and this will provide both the media for the beetles to live in as well as their food source. Do not add water to this as it will kill the beetles. Once you have added the media, simply add the beetles and you are ready to go. These are one of the easiest to care for feeders. However, these should only be used as an occasional snack or treat, not as a staple food.