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Dwarf Purple Isopods

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Dwarf purple isopods are an excellent choice for vivariums and make a great occasional snack for poison dart frogs and other small animals. The dwarf purple species reproduces quickly to establish a thriving population. Adults of this species are about the size of a Hydei fruit fly.

The culture that is shipped may be used to seed a tank, or begin a master culture so that you will have a steady supply.

Glass Box Tropicals offers dwarf purple isopods in an 8oz. culture. The culture will contain both adults and juveniles in a specially designed isopod substrate. The substrate that that they are shipped in (and what they are bred in) is offered for sale under Feeder Insect Supplies. For complete care information please visit our Resource Center.

The cultures are started with approximately 2 dozen isopods. Though, many times, by the time the cultures are shipped, they have already begun to reproduce. The cultures are guaranteed to arrive with at least 20 live isopods.

2 Reviews

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    Dwarf Purple Isopods

    Posted by Derek on Sep 19th 2022

    I let them sit in the cup of spag for a week while I finished my viv, they multiplied like crazy and probably had 50 by the time I put them in.

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    Dwarf White Isopods

    Posted by Orie Simpkins on Jul 31st 2022

    All arrived alive and active