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Glass Box Tropicals Fruit Fly Media - 1lb

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Glass Box Tropicals Fruit Fly Media was created over the course of two years to meet the demands of our ever-expanding frog collection. Tired of making over 20 cultures a week to feed our frogs, we experimented with different recipes before perfecting the best media. Instead of shaking every last fly from cultures, we had to harvest cultures to keep them from collapsing from overpopulation.


Extreme Yields

We've tested our media with wingless melanogaster, golden delicious, Turkish gliders, golden and regular hydei - and all varieties have excellent production.


Low Odor

We use cinnamon to help our cultures stay pleasant. Our blend of ingredients has just the right amount of moisture to keep flies happy and unwanted mold and bacteria out! Methyl paraben helps protect against mold blooms (available without MP upon request).


Fresh Ingredients

We pay close attention to how long our ingredients have been on hand, and keep our supplies far from our producing cultures. We believe quality ingredients are the most important step in mite control and elimination.


Excellent for shipping cultures

Our blend of ingredients holds up well to the occasional upside-down and sideways challenges of shipping fruit fly cultures.


Each 1lb bag makes approximately 10 ⅓ cup cultures.

Each 3lb bag makes approximately 30 ⅓ cup cultures.


Tips and Troubleshooting

Extraordinary yield from the first new generation of flies is our specialty. Care must be taken not to add too many flies to a fresh culture, or you will 'burn out' the culture and not see a second boom in production.


While we are confident our media works in most humidity situations, sometimes cultures need a little help in very dry environments (or in the winter). If you find the larvae only climb halfway up the cup, a strip of packing tape across the center holes is a cheap, easy solution for temporary humidity issues.


Dusting your flies immediately before using them to begin a new culture, and not transferring the dust can help keep mites under control.

This is for 1lb of media which is enough for 10 cultures.