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Glass Box Tropicals Isopod Substrate

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Glass Box Tropicals Isopod substrate is a very specific blend of ingredients that have been found to work extremely well for housing and breeding isopods of many varieties. This mix is suitable to use with all of the species that are commonly offered in the terrarium hobby. The blend of ingredients includes milled New Zealand long fiber sphagnum moss, milled sphagnum peat moss, fine orchid bark, fine tree fern fiber, and willow oak leaf litter. Over several years of producing isopods, Glass Box Tropicals has found this mix to work extremely well and is what we commonly ship our isopods in.

When you receive this mix, it will be dry. Before adding it to a container to keep your isopods in, it is necessarily to evenly moisten it. This is typically easiest to do in a 5 gallon bucket or a large bowl. Slowly add water and mix until it is evenly moistened. Do not make it so wet that it is dripping excess water when you grab a handful as the isopods can and will drown. Once it is evenly moistened, simply add it to a container you plan to keep your isopods in, add your isopods and you are ready to go. Glass Box Tropicals also recommends adding cork, clean virgin cardboard, and/or leaf litter to the top of your culture.

This is for a 1 gallon bag of isopod substrate. If you would prefer a complete care kit, it will include this substrate, along with all of the other necessities for success with isopods!