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Indian Almond Leaves - 5 pack

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Indian Almond leaves, from the Terminalia catappa, are often used in tadpole containers to release beneficial tannins as well as being used when making tadpole tea which can be done by boiling the leaves. Tadpoles may even eat parts of the leaves if they are left in their containers!

To make tadpole tea, you need to:
1. Boil 5 to 10 leaves in 1 gallon of water
2. Allow water that is now full of tannins to cool
3. Add 1-4 ounces of the tadpole tea to clean water until it has a slight yellow tinge

This is for 5 leaves.

Size may vary due to being a natural product.

**These are imported from a pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide free farm in Singapore.