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Iso Grub Freeze Dried Minnows

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Glass Box Tropicals is proud to be the only online retailer of Iso Grub Freeze Dried Minnows. Iso Gub is a great addition to a balanced & varied isopod diet as well as other microfauna. Iso Grub is designed to help provide vital vitamins and minerals to help you successfully keep and breed a wide variety of microfauna.
Iso Grub are a freshwater minnow wild caught from the clean waters of the mid-west / Great Lakes region. Human food grade equipment & processes are used to ensure the best quality.

Iso Grub is packed by a company where individuals with disabilities receive vocational training. So please forgive if every label is not perfectly straight.
Product of the USA and packaged in the USA.
Each bag is a 1oz. resealable bag.
Feeding Instructions: Use desired amount of Iso Grub to feed your isopods. Soak or mist to soften if desired. Try breaking some into small pieces or powder and feed to springtails.