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Iso Peepers Dehydrated Eyeballs

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Glass Box Tropicals is proud to introduce a new addition to our Isopod Nutrition lineup – Iso Peepers Dehydrated Carp Eyeballs.
During extensive testing, it was found that Isopods typically went for the eyes of fish first, leading to the concept for this new product.
Iso Peepers is a great addition to a balanced and varied Isopod diet and for other microfauna. Try some with your millipedes and roaches as well! Iso Peepers are higher in Omega 3 fatty acids then salmon and are a beneficial source of vital vitamins and minerals. Free of heavy metals and mercury, no chemicals or preservatives are used in the human food grade processing of this product.
Iso Peepers are harvested from freshwater carp here in the USA, making sure no part of the fish goes to waste. Carp are an invasive species in American waterways and are rapidly taking over the eco-system of the waters they inhabit.
Iso Peepers is packed by a company where individuals with disabilities receive vocational training.
Product of the USA and packaged in the USA.
Each bag is a 2 oz. resealable bag.

Feeding Instructions: Use desired amount of Iso Peepers to feed your Isopods/Microfauna. Soak or mist to soften if desired.