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Microsorum pteropus

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Species: Microsorum pteropus

Common name(s):

Native to:

Temperature preferences: Warm growing

Water preferences: Medium to high moisture

Terrestrial or Epiphytic: Epiphytic

General Information and Care: Microsorum pteropus is a wonderful fern that has been in the aquarium hobby for a long time but also grows well in terrarium culture. This fern does best when mounted on any hardscape items or your background and kept wet or placed into a water feature. This fern prefers to stay moist to almost wet all of the time and does not like to dry out. The fronds on this species are what really makes it stand out and can really add interest to your terrarium setup! We love adding this to tanks as a nice plant to add texture and color to your setup.

Glass Box Tropicals Plant Care Rating: 2


Shipped Size: Small plant in a 2.5" pot or as a division of one of our mother plants