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10 Mature Terrarium Suitable Bromeliads

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This is a grower’s choice option, where you receive 10 terrarium suitable Bromeliads that are full size. These may include selections from several families including Neoregelia, Cryptanthus, Billbergia, Vriesea, Aechmea, and others. These do not come labeled. In this pack, you will receive at least 8 different species. Remember, in order to keep good color, they will need higher light levels.

Many customers find that by adding Bromeliads to their tank they achieve the tropical feel that they are looking for. In nature, Bromeliads are epiphytes meaning that they grow on rocks, tree trunks, and many other surfaces. When planted in a terrarium, they will do best when mounted as opposed to planted in the substrate. The leaf shapes and bright colors really make Bromeliads stand out in a terrarium!

Selection of Bromeliads may include but is not limited to the selection shown in the photo. Color of plants is shown under ideal conditions, plants may or may not have these colors when they are received.


1 Review

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    Posted by Corrie on Nov 6th 2021

    Excellent plants. Great variety.