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20 Terrarium Suitable Plants

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This is a great way to quickly get a tank planted. You will receive a grower's choice of 20 terrarium suitable plants. This selection of plants is not sent labeled. These may include selections from several species, varieties, cultivars, and genera including but not limited to Pellionia, Selaginella, Pilea, Callisia, Peperomia, Ruellia, Begonia, Davallia, Philodendron, Ficus, Cissus, Alocasia, Hoya, Dischidia, Episcia, and others. You will receive 20 different plants and at least 15 will be different species.

Selection may include but is not limited to what is pictured.

Plants are grown in 2.5" pots and may be shipped bare root, in sphagnum, or still potted depending on what is deemed as the best way to ship.